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Interior Design Services Are Free

JeffsPix042Have you ever seen one of those incredible kitchens or those “knockout" family rooms and Bathrooms, and said “they must have had a designer!”? So why everyone doesn’t hire one for their project is obvious and makes sense, it can be very costly. The average designers costs are $125—155 per hour and given the current economy most consumers have to save. Choosing colors or what goes where is something anyone can do but it is not the customers area of expertise so the project suffers. Even the clients with a Great Eye can use a little help. It will also take you double the amount of your limited time.

This is where our company has decided to separate itself from the pack. We have decided to offer FREE Interior design services for all of our projects. Pam Sarris started in the business 30 years ago with her parents whom both were Interior designers. She has been brought up to understands that “the devil is in the details” and that is exactly where she can help you. We don’t charge for our Interior Design service when we remodel or renovate your home. That saves you money, a great deal of stress and a lot of your valuable time. We recognize that it is hard making these decisions because they are important and you probably don’t have a lot of experience making them.

We help you from the very beginning to the very end. We make sure your style and taste is incorporated into a new look for your home that you will love. We want you to love it for a long time not to have to spend a long time making the decisions.

Imagine you were related to a couple that was design build contractor and an interior designer. They wouldn’t charge you for the advice. That is similar to what happens with Bethesda Home Design. We give you the family discount. We want you to get what you want and love the results.

Interior Design from Bethesda Home Design doesn’t cost you any extra, but it brings a lot of extra value to the process and the “Wow” Factor to the end result.

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Office: 301-512-9830 | Cell: 301-512-9827
8502 Hempstead Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20817
  • Elaine from Bethesda

    "Jeff and Pam provide exceptional customer service. They really listen to their clients and do everything they can to meet needs in a timely manner. Even a year after project completion, they have always been available for any issue we’ve had. We’ve made other major renovations and never before experienced the level of service Jeff and Pam provide."

  • Bill and Mary from Bethesda

    "We have used your services three times – the first doubled the size of the house over three floors. Completed on time, to budget, with excellent customer service. Then we converted our messy garage into a wonderful `mud room’ and, now, to get the house ready for renting. Happy to refer you to anyone, anytime, as we have, many times."

  • Toby from Potomac

    "I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the project you designed and built for us. Your people are talented, courteous, reliable and so willing to work hard to get the job done”

  • Margaret from Kennsington

    "Thanks you for all your help with my basement and my new bathtub. You have been an invaluable source of knowledge in my endeavors to fix up my home. I am so grateful for all your time, effort and knowledge.”


  • Rob from Bethesda

    "We have used Bethesda Home Design Services for over 12 years. They have done every renovation in our house including a kitchen, basement, mudroom/garage (most recent project) and a three-story addition to our home. Each time we have worked with Bethesda Home Design all has gone smoothly, the price has been excellent, the staff professional and the result as we expected. They are flexible and looking for our feedback throughout the process. We will continue to use them in our own home and encourage others to use them as well!!”

  • Ken and Bridget from Bethesda

    "Stop by and visit our home and have some wine and cheese and see what a great job Jeff & Pam Sarris did on our Kitchen!” (This was an open house invitation to neighbors).

  • Rosanne from Kennsington

    "Bethesda Home Design recently completed a broad range of remodeling and renovations to our 50-plus year old home and we take great pride in showing the results of their work to friends and neighbors. We believe the excellent results of their work reflect the care the company took in assuring the quality and workmanship they took in doing the job.They would be our first choice in any future work we decide we would want and would be the first company we will recommend to others we know are considering renovations and remodeling."