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Ready Homes for Sale - Testimonials

Chris W. From Bethesda (6/26/14)

“Wow, first person who saw the home bought it. They loved your work.”

Aaron S. from NW DC (6/10/14)

“I am very happy that the work proceeded as expeditiously as it did and with such great care. Jeff and his team were excellent to work with. They produced a superior product at a reasonable cost and on a tight time frame, a rare trio --and it yielded a buyer . Professionals to the highest degree, we'd recommend BHD to anyone!"

Rose & Mani B. from Bethesda (5/26/14)

“Thank you for your assistance in repairing our home for sale. Your staff was responsive and very easy to work with. They did a great job!”

Pat S. From Bethesda (5/14/14)

“We were delighted with the professionalism and quality of the work that Bethesda Home Design did on our Bethesda home as we prepared it for sale. We felt well informed throughout the process and consulted with Jeff Sarris and the team regularly. I highly recommend this company.”

Greg E. from Bethesda (4/1/14)

“Thank you for the wonderful job your men did on our home. Given the reaction of the buyer, the ideas you suggested were spot on. We were concerned about our busy street but the home sold in 4 days full price! You guys really saved the day.”

Margaret S, Kensington (3/18/14)

”I am over-the-top excited about the work done on my house! It looks so beautiful that I don't want to sell it now! But it's ready to go on the market and I can't thank you and your entire courteous, professional and competent crew for the wonderful job you did. You each were just a pleasure to work with. Your knowledge and attention to detail are superb! You never flinched when I added an extra "to do" item or changed up the work order - I am so grateful to you for that! And I greatly appreciate you taking the time to explain things to me clearly as well. Furthermore the work was completed on time and the house looks amazing! I would definitely recommend Bethesda Home Design to anyone in the market for a contractor.”

Mary and Tom K, Bethesda (2/21/14)

“We are so pleased with our hall bathroom renovation as well as the other work that was done to get our house ready to sell. You turned our 1949 hall bath into a beautiful, updated, functional bathroom and freshened up a number of other rooms (including the powder room) through painting and other very thoughtful restorative work. Your excellent crew was punctual, polite and professional. It was great working with you and your team. Thanks.“

Steve & Lorie M from Bethesda (1/28/14)

“Thanks for all your assistance with getting our plans, permitting, and construction done on a tight time schedule for settlement. You were very helpful and extremely pleasant to work with, as was the crew that was here. We will not hesitate to recommend you!”

Stan and Suzi K. from Bethesda (1/10/14)

“Thank you for the work you did so well on the house. The home was on the market for less than two days. With multiple offers . We went from posting the home for sale to closing in 16 days. Thanks for your help in making this possible. I am still amazed.”

Boragan A. from Bethesda (12/28/13) Buyer of Bill and Mary C. below

“We bought a house in East Bethesda that was built in 1940. We learned later that just before the house was put on the market BHDS did more work on the house such as neutralizing the wall colors and adding a backsplash to the kitchen. We can't go as far as saying we wouldn't buy the house if it wasn't for this extra work by BHDS, but they certainly made us see the house for what it really is.”

Bill & Mary C. from Bethesda (12/1/13)

“The work you recommended really paid off for our home. After you job was completed the home was purchased in just a few days .Thanks again for your Help.”

Rosemary and Larry M. from Washington D.C. (11/14/13)

“It has been a pleasure knowing you and many many thanks for being available to me to consult with you for this project. You have been great to work with at the apartment and at our home. We send you our best wishes for the New Year.”

Danielle S. from Potomac (10/19/13)

“Bethesda Home Design did a terrific home remodel for us. We really enjoyed working with Jeff Sarris, Ari and their entire team. They were communicative throughout the whole process and responsive to our concerns. It was actually a pleasure to welcome this professional, talented and pleasant crew to our home each morning. We are going to recommend them to all our friends.”

Larry S. from Bethesda (9/13/13)

“Thanks for your quick work and professionalism. Now that the home sold so quick the only problem now is finding a place to live.”

Sheila C. From Bethesda (8/15/13)

“Thanks so much for helping us ready our home for sale. The idea of adding a closet to create a new bedroom was so helpful and with this added bedroom room allowed us to raise our asking price.”

Lee W. from Bethesda (7/1/13)

“Thanks for the ingenious and inexpensive ideas your team had to renovate this home for sale. My mother’s house which had been neglected for years was transformed into a home that sold in less than a week (with multiple offers).Thanks again!”

Dave P. from Bethesda (6/16/13)

"I am so glad that I contracted you Jeff for renovations to sell my home. You gave me good advice on the home and how my sales preparation budget was best spent. I liked that you talked me out of some dubious ideas even though they would have added to the price. Your price was quite reasonable. I am pleased that the final results look so good. Everyone involved was extremely pleasant to deal with."

Ed C. from Bethesda (5/27/13)

"We are impressed with the first floor bathroom, the tiles on the wall and floor and with the cabinet in the living room, it definitely looks great, your team is doing a great job, we appreciate it. I am also really impressed with the working relationship you have with your subs .Our agent made a great recommendation.”

Bob C. from Bethesda (5/8/13)

"Thanks again for your team’s heroic efforts last week. It made a major difference. I cannot recommend Bethesda Home Design highly enough. We have used their services for both a major addition to our home as well as for smaller projects. The workmanship and the customer service exceeded our expectations at every step of every project. Having worked with numerous contractors in Bethesda/Chevy Chase over nearly two decades, I have not found anyone who comes close to Bethesda Home Design’s level of expertise, quality and value. Hire them as soon as you can—you will not be disappointed!”

Bob C from Bethesda (5/9/13)

“Just got a contract tonight. Thanks again for your help!“ (see above)

Raina L. from Bethesda (4/8/13)

"We didn't know how to go about getting our condo ready for the market. Jeff and his crew made some great recommendations and completed all of the work quickly and beautifully. Thanks to BHD we were ready to put the condo on the market quickly and easily. We were really happy .Thanks again guys!"

Raina L from Bethesda (4/14/13)

“Place sold in the first week due to your great work ……amazing bathroom and kitchen!”

Mary M. from New York (3/28/13) For a rental in Bethesda

"Working with Jeff was unbelievably good. He took care of everything. The kitchen remodeling and updating the bathroom was finished on time and on budget. He helped me pick all the right materials that saves me a lot of time. It really was entirely stress free. Jeff was very pleasant and very responsive.”

Pat and Richard S. from Bethesda (3/14/13)

“Just thought you’d like to know that your remodeling paid off at our home on Wilson Ln. The first person who walked through the house wrote a full-priced offer. Thanks again for your good ideas!"

Kellie F. from Bethesda (3/6/13)

"Readying our house for sale was a daunting task. Our realtor pointed us to Bethesda Home Design with the assurance they could get it all done on a tight time line. Jeff and his crew arrived promptly every day, painting, repairing, carpeting and more until everything was perfect. We highly recommend this company to homeowners considering renovations. Thanks BHD - on time, under budget and ready for sale."

Illia S. from Bethesda (3/4/13)

“I owe you both and your guys a big thanks-the House sold yesterday! (in one week) Without your efforts and suggestions, it would have taken much longer!"

Bibi L. from Bethesda (2/27/13)

"We just had our home painted and a remodel of one of the bathrooms. What a great team/a great job done in a timely manner/ very courteous/ great management and responsive to requests for some additional work AND a very competitive price!! I highly recommend them."

Elyse K. from Bethesda (2/10/13)

"Jeff and his team provided outstanding service as we readied our house for sale. They helped identify the best approach to updating our recreation room, providing several options to meet our needs. They performed the work reliably, cleanly and efficiently. I cannot say enough about Bethesda Home Design's responsiveness and the quality of their work."

Wayne R. from Bethesda (1/23/13)

"We are so thankful to have had Jeff on our side as we sold our house. They did a walk-through, gave us some impartial reasonably-priced suggestions for improvement, completed the agreed-upon work before the Open House, and responded in short order to the buyer's Contingency List so we could close on time. We are absolutely convinced that their involvement enabled our house to sell as quickly as it did for a price we were satisfied with."

Sandra R. from Ohio (1/15/13) For a home in Bethesda

“We are extremely pleased with Bethesda Home Design. Their recommendations for improvement were dead-on and the quality of work was excellent. We are extremely pleased with their fast turn round, reasonable price, and willingness to work with us to sell our home long-distance in a less than a week!”

Jane E. from Rockville (12/24/12)

“Bethesda Home Design did such an incredible job renovating the home for sale that two contracts were placed on it within three days of being placed on the market! Your work was amazing! Thank you again and again. I owe you a beer (or five)!”

Adrienne K. from Bethesda (11/28/12)

“Really great job! Thanks Jeff, Project manager Ari and your team. I really appreciate the quality work you have done to sell my home.”

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  • Toby from Potomac

    "I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the project you designed and built for us. Your people are talented, courteous, reliable and so willing to work hard to get the job done”

  • Elaine from Bethesda

    "Jeff and Pam provide exceptional customer service. They really listen to their clients and do everything they can to meet needs in a timely manner. Even a year after project completion, they have always been available for any issue we’ve had. We’ve made other major renovations and never before experienced the level of service Jeff and Pam provide."

  • Bill and Mary from Bethesda

    "We have used your services three times – the first doubled the size of the house over three floors. Completed on time, to budget, with excellent customer service. Then we converted our messy garage into a wonderful `mud room’ and, now, to get the house ready for renting. Happy to refer you to anyone, anytime, as we have, many times."

  • Margaret from Kennsington

    "Thanks you for all your help with my basement and my new bathtub. You have been an invaluable source of knowledge in my endeavors to fix up my home. I am so grateful for all your time, effort and knowledge.”


  • Rosanne from Kennsington

    "Bethesda Home Design recently completed a broad range of remodeling and renovations to our 50-plus year old home and we take great pride in showing the results of their work to friends and neighbors. We believe the excellent results of their work reflect the care the company took in assuring the quality and workmanship they took in doing the job.They would be our first choice in any future work we decide we would want and would be the first company we will recommend to others we know are considering renovations and remodeling."

  • Ken and Bridget from Bethesda

    "Stop by and visit our home and have some wine and cheese and see what a great job Jeff & Pam Sarris did on our Kitchen!” (This was an open house invitation to neighbors).

  • Rob from Bethesda

    "We have used Bethesda Home Design Services for over 12 years. They have done every renovation in our house including a kitchen, basement, mudroom/garage (most recent project) and a three-story addition to our home. Each time we have worked with Bethesda Home Design all has gone smoothly, the price has been excellent, the staff professional and the result as we expected. They are flexible and looking for our feedback throughout the process. We will continue to use them in our own home and encourage others to use them as well!!”