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Looking for a buyer for your home? Do you have a property you just can’t get anyone to take off your hands? Do you have costly repairs looming or obvious deficiencies that keep the buyers away?

Our bathroom and kitchen remodeling are our secret weapons. They cost a third of a full remodel, and often buyers cannot distinguish between a kitchen/bathroom remodel and a full remodel.

We specialize in quickly getting homes ready for the market and hitting the budget you need to stay within to keep your margins in line. 

Our experts, Jeff and Pam Sarris, have been getting homes into selling shape for decades. Dozens of homes have sold after the Bethesda Home Design team was called in. If you’ve got a property that you’re at a loss to sell, why not give us a call? Our consultations are FREE!

“Wow, first person who saw the home bought it. They loved your work.”

Chris W. from Bethesda

“We didn’t know how to go about getting our condo ready for the market. Jeff and his crew made some great recommendations and completed all of the work quickly and beautifully. Thanks to BHD we were ready to put the condo on the market quickly and easily. We were really happy. Thanks again guys!”

Raina L. from Bethesda

“Readying our house for sale was a daunting task. Our realtor pointed us to Bethesda Home Design with the assurance they could get it all done on a tight time line. Jeff and his crew arrived promptly every day, painting, repairing, carpeting and more until everything was perfect. We highly recommend this company to homeowners considering renovations. Thanks BHD – on time, under budget and ready for sale.”

Kellie F. from Bethesda

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Remodel for Sale Process

We make communication our top priority to ensure that your remodel or repair project proceeds exactly how you want so you can make the sale.

Step 1

Meet with Jeff for an initial consultation. Jeff’s decades of experience helping people sell homes gives him a large toolkit to deal with problems. He can make recommendations of how to stretch your budget further and get the most bang for your buck.

Step 2

You view a 3D model of what the project will look like when it’s complete. This gives you a chance to see the project as your potential buyers will see it, and address any issues that you might not have thought of before.

Step 3

We take care of the permits if any are needed.

Step 4

Our construction crews work quickly to execute the plan. We pride ourselves on working well on a schedule because we know time is money when it comes to real estate. Every day spent in construction is another day that it’s not on the market.

home remodeling for sale in Bethesda MD

Modernize Your Home for Sale

Most homes in the Washington D.C. area were built post-war. It’s been a long, long time since then and modern living has undergone drastic changes.

When buyers evaluate a home, they picture how they’d live their lives in it. The home needs to match what they want that picture to look like. If you have dated fixtures or appliances or lack certain amenities, particularly in the kitchen or bathroom, buyers will see the home as deficient.

If you have some must-have item to add to a home you want to sell, give us a call. We give FREE CONSULTATIONS.

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