Facade Remodeling

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Does your home need a facelift? Are you missing that wow factor that you see in other homes?

At Bethesda Home Design, we offer a unique service that will quickly improve your curb appeal at a very reasonable cost. Overhauling your home’s facade gives you a totally new look and a better chance at making a good first impression.

Your new facade will fit exactly your vision of your home because of our innovative four-step process.

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Our 4-Step Facade Remodeling Process

Step 1

The Free Estimate
Connect with the team at Bethesda Home Design and meet with the owner, Jeff Sarris. Jeff has decades of experience in contracting and has developed a knack for lifting up homes. He gets this from his roots in remodeling homes for sale since the ’80s for many of the top Real estate agents in the local area. He will design an exterior that fits your vision and most importantly your budget.

Step 2

Creation of a 3D model
We create three-dimensional modeling that shows you your new facade when it’s complete before a shovel is put into the ground. It’s a chance for you to carefully evaluate and more accurately modify your future home prior to construction This can be a difficult process for homeowners who know what they want when they see it but do not have the background to be able to architecturally articulate their wants and desires.

Step 3

Plans and Permits
Our team combines creative architecture and state of the art engineering to accommodate your dreams and the highest quality construction practices.

Step 4

Starting construction
At Bethesda Home Design, we believe in doing the work ourselves not just subcontracting out all the actual work. We get in and get our hands dirty to make your vision come to life before your eyes.

Our customers trust our process as much as we do. Our results from major renovations to small additions are testament to how true that is.

“We have used your services three times – the first doubled the size of the house over three floors. Completed on time, to budget, with excellent customer service. Then we converted our messy garage into a wonderful `mud room’ and, now, to get the house ready for renting. Happy to refer you to anyone, anytime, as we have, many times.”

Bill and Mary, Bethesda

“I had a great experience with Jeff Sarris and would not hesitate to recommend him. He is extremely detail oriented and never made me feel like any detail was too small to manage. He really thinks through the chain of events so that when one decision is made that will affect other things. This has not always been the case in my experience with other contractors.”

Stephanie, Potomac

“Jeff & Pam Sarris are extremely knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Their crew, does excellent work. Issues?, Never a problem, the crew makes it right immediately. They are also available 24/7, not only during the project, but before and after.”

Carol and Mark, Bethesda

“I’ve dealt with many home service companies in the over 25 years of homeownership. I can say that Jeff from Bethesda Home Design has been the best person I’ve ever dealt with in the home repair and design business ever! …. Jeff’s suggestions and design ideas all worked out perfect. He kept costs affordable, completed the work on time, had trustworthy workmen in our home who did great work.”

Sheila, Bethesda

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