Basements and Attics

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Finishing a basement or attic is one of the most impactful renovations a homeowner can make. Your unfinished rooms are blank canvases on which you can paint a masterpiece.

Your unfinished basement or attic gives you an opportunity to add what your home has been missing. You’ve lived in your home long enough to know what you find lacking in it. You need a partner who can fulfill your vision of a complete home, one with every personal touch you’ve ever wanted.

That’s where Jeff and Pam Sarris come in. They (literally) marry interior design and construction know-how. Their collaboration from project conception to project completion means that you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for from your finished basement or attic.

“Thanks you for all your help with my basement and my new bathtub. You have been an invaluable source of knowledge in my endeavors to fix up my home. I am so grateful for all your time, effort and knowledge.”

Margaret from Kensington

“Jeff and his crew started work right when they said they would, and they finished early, which I think is pretty unheard of in the world of home renovations! Also, the final cost was right on budget! … Pam was great, too. She helped me pick out tile for our bathroom, basement laundry room and bathroom, and kitchen backsplash tile, and she suggested great paint color choices. She is kind, easy to work with, and has a great eye for design.”

Alex & Daphne from Chevy Chase

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Finishing a Basement the Easy Way

The Bethesda Home Design process makes finishing a basement a breeze.

Step 1

Meet with Jeff and talk about your vision. Whether you want a game room, another bedroom for a relative or a personal gym, Jeff has the expertise to make the project come to life. This initial conversation lets you get a feel for the process and gives Jeff an idea of what budget the team has to work with.

Step 2

You view a 3D model of your finished basement or attic. The 3D model gives you a perspective on the project that no architectural drawing ever could. You’ll use the 3D model to debug potential problems with the design before they become way more expensive to fix down the road.

Step 3

The 3D model gets fleshed out into technical schematics that are ready for government approval. Your new finished room will be submitted for the regulatory OK, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Step 4

Our construction crew gives you the smoothest renovation experience you’ve ever had. We don’t subcontract our construction, and you’ll have a single point of contact who can explain the state of the project every step of the way.

A Finished Attic or Basement Completes the Home

Clients tell us all the time that their home feels complete once the new room is finished. The project allows them to address the shortcomings they’ve dealt with for years. And with Pam, an interior designer, there to help, the new room will take shape just the way you want it to.

This spare room offers you extra versatility. The most common projects we’ve seen are:

basement & attic finishing in Bethesda MD

Another Bedroom

While you can’t claim it on the home listing, another finished room gives you space that a family member can call their own. Whether it’s an older relative or a boomerang child, a finished basement is typically more like an efficiency apartment than just another bedroom. And we can add an independent entrance so they can come and go as they please. This gives your family the freedom they deserve.

A Home Gym

Tired of waiting for machines or weights at crowded gyms? Public gyms are noisy, chaotic, intimidating and add to your commute before or after work. Wouldn’t it be grand to have a gym in your own home? With your own dedicated gym, you’ll take your fitness to the next level.

A Media Room

These days, your media options are better than they’ve ever been before. You can stream anything from TV shows to movies to music, and television prices have never been lower. You can capitalize on the trend by giving yourself a getaway in your new finished basement with a TV as large as you can imagine and enough seating for your friends and family.

A Game Room

Do you host often? Do your kids need a place to hang out with their friends? Finishing your basement or attic is often the only way! These spaces have enough room available for you to fit a pool table, bar, and entertainment setup. Your home could be the new favorite hangout spot.

If any of these sound like great ideas, contact us today! Jeff and Pam will be happy to talk with you about what you want your new finished basement or attic to do for your home.

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