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We are designers and builders. Other firms that claim to be design-build companies have two different groups, one that designs and another that builds. Our principals are both designers and builders.

Why does that make a difference to you? The same person that is working with you to design your dream living space knows if and how it can be built and how much it is going to cost. How many times have you heard horror stories from your friends and neighbors that they had a beautiful design but halfway through construction, the contractor told them it could not be built. You do not have that risk with Bethesda Home Design.

The Design-Build process works better because one person is accountable to you. If there is any issue to address you do not have to figure out who to talk to or who is responsible – the architect? the builder? We design it, we build it, we are responsible for it. Your builder, Jeff Sarris, has been remodeling for decades and knows how to make your dream home beautiful, functional, affordable, and feasible.

Inevitably there are problems with anything that has to do with construction. When they come up, Jeff solves them, usually without bothering you. (You have plenty on your mind.) When an issue requires your attention, Jeff will present the issue and offer several solutions.

We offer FREE interior design services for all of our projects. Pam Sarris started in the business 30 years ago with her parents whom both were Interior designers. She has been brought up to understands that “the devil is in the details” and that is exactly where she can help you.

We don’t charge for our interior design service when we remodel or renovate your home. That saves you money, a great deal of stress and a lot of your valuable time. We recognize that it is hard making these decisions because they are important and you probably don’t have a lot of experience making them.

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